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  • Demographics

    Nicaragua is an interesting and diverse country with varied nationalities, cultures, languages and religious groups. Thus it may help you to learn something about Nicaragua’s demographics. The largest nationality groups in the country are Caucasians and Mestizos with some 69% being Mestizos and 17% being Caucasian. The majority of the Mestizo population originates from the original native ...

  • Literature

    Nicaraguan literature, and especially poetry, has played a massive role in the culture of Nicaraguans. Margaret Randall wrote: “Throughout Nicaraguan culture, the poet is the high priest.” ('Risking a Somersault in the Air') Likewise Salman Rushdie expressed similar words after visiting Nicaragua during the 1980s. During his stay he found himself amidst a mass of poets fighting for a cause.

  • Translation

    Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country filled with spectacular natural wonders. It may not be the richest country financially speaking, but it certainly has an abundance of natural treasures. It is usually these natural treasures – beautiful green forests, pristine sandy beaches and stunning blue rivers and waterfalls – which draw visitors to the country. Tourism in this country is ...

  • Languages

    The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish. In the past nine other languages were spoken in Nicaragua. However, only seven of these are currently considered living languages and the remaining three are now seen as being extinct. Below is a list of these languages along with some details about them: