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    Rio San Juan Region

    Named after the river which runs through it, the Rio San Juan department of Nicaragua has the city of San Carlos as its capital and is divided into six municipalities – El Almendro, El Castillo, Morrito, San Carlos, San Juan del Norte and San Miguelito. Nicaragua is a country with many natural attractions and Rio San Juan incorporates a number of these, including the Archipelago of ...

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    Rivas Region

    With Lake Nicaragua to the east and the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west, the Rivas department of Nicaragua with its stunning beaches and other natural attractions is a popular holiday destination. Rivas department is divided into ten municipalities – Altagracia, Belen, Buenos Aires, Cardenas, Moyogalpa, Potosi, Rivas, San Jorge, San Juan del Sur and Tola – with agriculture featuring as a ...

  • Rio San Juan Region

    San Carlos

    Situated on the shores where Lake Nicaragua meets with the San Juan River, stands a small town called San Carlos. This lovely town of the Rio San Juan Department also has jurisdiction over the Solentiname Islands within its bordering lake. San Carlos in Nicaragua is ideally located to serve as a port and it also served as a fort in the past. Although small, tourists in Nicaragua will not ...

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    Nicaragua may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing in Central America, but it really is one of those places that offers everything a surfer needs for an awesome surfing exeperience. Year-round surf, warm waters and great waves are just some of the things that are causing Nicaragua to gain popularity amongst surfers – especially when you compare the uncrowded ...

  • Managua Region


    For most people the image that greets their minds when they think of Tipitapa, if any, is one of water filled streets and young, innocent faces examining the damage left behind by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. While it is true that the effects of Hurricane Mitch were quite devastating, the small town of Tipitapa is slowly picking up the pieces.