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  • Regions

    Atlantico Norte (North Atlantic)

    The Atlantico Norte region of Nicaragua is often referred to as RAAN. The word RAAN is derived from the official name for the province, which is Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic and locals affectionately call Atlantico Norte, the Mosquito Coast. This unique and picturesque region covers an area of approximately thirty two thousand square kilometers and has an estimated population ...

  • Managua Region


    Ticuantepe is only fifteen kilometers away from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, and is one of its many municipalities. Ticuantepe has thirteen small communities under it and combined they make up one of the poorest populations in and around the capital city. The name Ticuantepe comes from the Nahuatl language and is taken from two words. The first, 'Ticuane', means fierce or tiger ...

  • Culture


    Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country filled with spectacular natural wonders. It may not be the richest country financially speaking, but it certainly has an abundance of natural treasures. It is usually these natural treasures – beautiful green forests, pristine sandy beaches and stunning blue rivers and waterfalls – which draw visitors to the country. Tourism in this country is ...