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  • Regions

    Leon Region

    With the Pacific Ocean as its western border, the León department of Nicaragua consists of ten municipalities – El Jicaral, El Sauce, La Paz Centro, Larreynaga, León, Nagarote, Quezalguaque, San Jose de Achuapa, Santa Rosa del Penon and Telica. The capital of the department is the city of León, located in the municipality of the same name.

  • Leon Region


    If you visit the department of Leon in Nicaragua you will likely come across the municipality of Larreynaga. This municipality is the second biggest in the department and is home to more than 31,000 people – a population which continues to grow steadily at a rate of approximately 2.22% each year. The town was founded on 11 August 1944 by Colonel Manuel Ignacio Pereira Quintana. The Colonel ...

  • Atlantico Sur (South Atlantic)

    El Rama

    Today, El Rama is quiet and peaceful and is one of the lesser known destinations in Nicaragua. However, just a few years ago it was a road less traveled due to the danger and fear that surrounded this little tropical paradise. Unfortunately, it became a target of war efforts because of its strategic location between rivers. It was also conveniently situated on the fastest route to the ...

  • Museums

    Historical Ex Combatants

    When you visit the beautiful country of Nicaragua, take time to visit Estelí. This city can be found in the cooler parts of the country and has an altitude of 800 meters above the mean sea level. Estelí is situated 150 km away from Managua. The city and the Las Segovias region in which it is located are known for their many archaeological sites that are scattered all around the area. These ...

  • Museums

    Masaya Volcano

    The Masaya Volcano National Park is situated in the Nindiri region about five km from Masaya and is easily accessible off the main highway. It opens everyday from 9AM to 5PM and is considered a popular tourist area. The Masaya Volcano National Park contains two volcanoes. The first is called Masaya and is Nicaragua's shortest volcano, standing at 635 meters, and the other is Nindiri. When ...

  • Culture


    A proverb is a brief saying that is often widely used and usually states a basic truth or embodies a fact that many people have experienced. Because of this a study of Nicaraguan proverbs can provide much insight into Nicaraguans, their perceptions and cultural traditions.