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    Granada Region

    The tiny department of Granada covers a nine hundred and twenty nine square kilometer area, and has an estimated population of a hundred and ninety thousand. It is also home to one of the oldest cities in North America, which is its capital city and shares the name of the department, namely Granada. The other three municipalities are Nandaime, Diria and Diriomo. Granada might be a small ...

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    Parque Central

    Granada, with its nostalgic atmosphere and breathtaking architecture, is probably one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua. The history and spectacular sights found here make Granada one of the most visited destinations and one of the most popular attractions in Nicaragua. While walking along the cobble stone streets surrounded by bustling locals, you feel as if you can almost touch the ...

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    Church of Jalteva

    Fewer cities in Nicaragua are as interesting to tour, from a historical point of view, than Granada. This well-preserved city is generally viewed as being the oldest in Central America and when you visit, you’ll understand that it is a reputation that is well deserved. The city itself is located at the foot of the striking Mombacho Volcano with its beautiful lake and the two make for a ...

  • Museums

    San Francisco Convent

    The Museo del Convento de San Francisco, or San Francisco Convent, has a rich heritage and its existence is testimony to its importance to the people of Granada. The San Francisco Convent is attached to the church and both structures were first erected in 1525, along with the rest of the city of Granada. Unfortunately this city was plagued by pirates who plundered cities and burnt what ...

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    Artisan Villages

    Experience another facet of Nicaragua's fascinating culture at a Nicaraguan artisan village. Within the rural areas of Nicaragua you will come across homes that are also used as workshops by artisans. See Nicaraguan artisans at work on a variety of handicrafts in Masaya and the smaller colonial villages surrounding it. Nicaraguan artisan villages afford a unique opportunity to gain insight ...

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    If everything you’ve read so far has inspired you to travel to this beautiful and diverse country, why not book yourself on a Nicaragua tour? Tours oftentimes help you to see the best a country has to offer with the greatest ease possible. They can be customized according to your desires or, if you book with a large tour group, you might find that the tour will just provide a general ...

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    Nicaragua is a country with a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. The sights in Nicaragua tend more towards natural attractions than that of ancient buildings as many historical sights have been destroyed by earthquakes and military conflicts. However, amazing sights in Nicaragua are not in short supply; there is plenty to keep tourist eyes busy. We provide you with a glimpse ...

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    Some who have visited the country would argue that there is little nightlife in Nicaragua to enjoy. Others would say that it is vibrant and colorful. The differences in opinion are understandable, since Nicaragua’s nightlife options change from city to city and it all depends on where you go and who you know.

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    Much like the country itself, Nicaragua’s architecture is incredibly diverse. As you travel the country you will find yourself pondering on the plight of rural citizens living in shacks in various rural areas only to find yourself enjoying the opulence of a high-class, colonial-style hotel only hours later. Much of the existing architecture in the main cities has been influenced by the ...

  • Granada Region

    Lake Cocibolca

    Lake Cocibolca, otherwise known as Lake Nicaragua, is the second largest lake in Latin America. The lake's surface is so vast that one cannot see one side from the other. Apart from its size, Lake Cocibolca is famous for its many lake islands. One of these islands – Ometepe – is the largest of its kind in the world. If you visit Lake Cocibolca, you will likely enjoy spending some time on one ...