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    Chinandega Region

    The landscape of the Chinandega department is almost as diverse as its various municipalities, which each have their own features and unique attractions. Peanuts, sugar cane, salt, shrimps and rum are major contributors to the agricultural industry of the Chinandega department and the region has an estimated population of approximately four hundred and forty thousand residents. Some, ...

  • Regions

    Boaco Region

    Almost in the centre of Nicaragua, lies the Boaco region. It has an estimated population of three hundred and seventeen thousand and is made up of rolling hills, breathtaking natural landscapes and well maintained agricultural areas. Until the Spanish occupation, the Boaco region was home to large nuhuas tribes and sumos tribes, but it would be the Spanish influence that would begin the ...

  • Nueva Segovia Region


    Located in the northwest of Nicaragua is Ocotal; a lovely city surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Ocotal falls under the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua and is a fantastic destination for tourists. Situated near the Coco River and Cordillera Mountain Range, it boasts outstanding scenery. So break away from the hustle and bustle of Nicaragua's larger cities and relax in Ocotal of Nueva ...

  • Chontales Region


    Juigalpa is located near the city of Managua, approximately 140 kilometers to the east and near the Sierras de Amerrique. This city is extremely important as the producer of commercial products such as coffee, beef, livestock and sugarcane. As a significant agricultural city, it also has established manufacturing and processing factories and plants. The city of Juigalpa can ...