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    Esteli Region

    The department of Esteli covers a relatively small area in the northern region of Nicaragua, being approximately just over two thousand square kilometers. The estimated population of two hundred and fifteen thousand are scattered across the six municipalities which includes La Trinidad, San Nicolas, Condega, Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli and San Juan de Limay. Cities, towns and villages in the Esteli ...

  • Esteli Region


    Very few visitors to Nicaragua are likely to have heard of Estelí – even though it is the second largest city in the northern half of the country. Although Esteli has very few noteworthy attractions as such, this pretty little city is nonethelss a delightful place to visit, and its people are warm and friendly. The city of Estelí is located in the Estelí department and is situated roughly ...

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    When you visit the beautiful country of Nicaragua, take time to visit Estelí. This city can be found in the cooler parts of the country and has an altitude of 800 meters above the mean sea level. Estelí is situated 150 km away from Managua. The city and the Las Segovias region in which it is located are known for their many archaeological sites that are scattered all around the area. These ...