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  • Nueva Segovia Region

    With its mountainous terrain, spectacular waterfalls, densely forested areas, hot springs and verdant coffee plantations, the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua, is divided into twelve municipalities – Ciudad Antigua, Dipilto, El Jicaro, Jalapa, Macuelizo, Mozonte, Murra, Ocotal, Quilali, San Fernando, Santa Maria, Wiwili de Nueva Segovia – and has the city of Ocotal as its capital. ...

  • Vacations

    Planning an itinerary for your vacation in Nicaragua can be difficult, especially when you consider the abundance of attractions and activities on offer throughout this spectacular country. Whilst surfing Nicaragua.com you have likely discovered numerous places to visit and things to do during your holiday in Nicaragua. Where do you begin with your exciting Nicaraguan holiday?

  • Eco Tourism

    Nicaragua is a country of tremendous biodiversity - mostly due to its excellent geographic position. Within the boundaries of the country, you will find Central America's biggest rain forests, the dry Pacific Coast and the wet Atlantic areas as well as mountains and volcanoes. This great range of geological features provides an abundance of different habitats in a relatively compact area. ...