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  • Chinandega Region


    Corinto is a very small coastal town that is located on the northwest of Nicaragua. Even though Corinto only has a population of approximately 20 000 and the town itself is very poor, it is also home to one of the biggest harbor ports. If you are looking for a forgotten town where life passes by slowly and where there is not a hint of city life, then Puerto Corinto is the ...

  • Travel


    You've decided to make Nicaragua your next vacation destination. You've chosen the dates and taken leave from work. Now you have to find the right kind of accommodation in Nicaragua to suit both your needs and your budget. There is a variety of accommodation in Nicaragua, from budget to luxury. On another page we discuss hotels, so on this page we focus on other forms of Nicaraguan holiday ...

  • Flights


    As the country’s capital and one of Nicaragua’s largest cities, Managua is fast becoming one of the country’s top tourist stops. Many foreigners choose a flight to Managua, Nicaragua, as a first destination so that they can enjoy the luxuries of city living before heading out onto the dirt roads that sprawl over much of the country. Nicaragua is a popular low-cost tourist destination and as ...