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  • Matagalpa Region


    Matagalpa cityis located in the northern highlands of Nicaragua, about 130 km or two hours from Managua. The name of the city means "Lets go where the rocks are" because it is situated near Rio Grande, which means "rocky river" and is so named by the Indian people. The city is 3000 feet above the mean sea level so it has quite a cool climate that is good for producing coffee beans. It is ...

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    Restaurant Guide

    Its a universal truth, no matter where you are in the world, you need to eat. When travelling in Nicaragua you will come across a wide range of excellent restaurants and cafes where you can satisfy your appetite. Some restaurants in Nicaragua feature spectacular views to complement the spectacular cuisine on offer. Other Nicaraguan restaurants specialize in tantalizing local cuisine. There ...

  • Cuisine


    The Nicaraguan diet consists mainly of corn, beans and rice, flavored with a variety of spices and cooked in a number of interesting ways. Experience the tantalizing taste experience of Nicaraguan cuisine with these food recipes from Nicaragua. We are certain you will have a good time cooking and savoring these delicious Nicaraguan recipes.

  • Culture


    The majority of Nicaraguan culinary dishes date back to pre-Colombian times and as a result are a mixture of interesting dishes and unusual ingredients. When colonists arrived in Nicaragua, they found that the Creole people living here had made ample use of the foods available in the area. The varied menu that was present then and is still used today is a delicious mixture of soups, meats ...

  • Culture

    The culture of Nicaragua is somewhat varied in different regions due to the different influences that were exerted on these different parts of the country. For the most part, the majority of the people show a strong Spanish influence. However there are other parts of the country that are more influenced by the English culture.