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  • About Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is a democratic republic and the largest country in Central America. Nicaragua (or Surrounded by Water as the name is literally translated) is bordered by Costa Rica to the South and Honduras to the North. Nicaragua’s proximity to Costa Rica has encouraged reciprocal tourism between the countries. On the western side of the country, Nicaragua’s coastline abuts the Pacific Ocean, ...

  • Mateare

    Nicaragua is a Central American country that has over 5,460,000 people of varying Indian groups. This beautiful country is situated close to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and since the early 19th century it has had a chaotic history. Managua is the capital of the country and it is also one of the biggest and best known of all the cities and towns here. One of the municipalities ...

  • Currency

    If you’re planning a trip to the Central American country of Nicaragua soon, you may want to familiarize yourself with their currency. This is always a wise step to take and will help you to make wiser purchases and investments whilst in the country. Nicaragua has no import or export restrictions on currency, though amounts greater than US$10,000 or an equivalent to this must be declared.