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    Matagalpa Region

    Located in the mountainous region of central Nicaragua, the Matagalpa department is divided into thirteen municipalities – Ciudad Dario, Esquipulas, Matagalpa, Matiguas, Muy Muy, Rancho Grande, Rio Blanco, San Dionisio, San Isidro, San Ramon, Sebaco, Terrabona and Tuma-La Dalia. The capital city of the department is Matagalpa, located in the municipality of the same name. The city is one of ...

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    Madriz Region

    Named in honor of Jose Madriz, the 50th President of Nicaragua, the Madriz department consists of nine municipalities – Las Sabanas, Palacaguina, San Jose de Cusmapa, San Juan del Rio Coco, San Lucas, Somoto, Telpaneca, Totogalpa and Yalaguina. While not featuring prominently as a tourist destination, Madriz department is a very picturesque area of Nicaragua, consisting mountainous terrain ...

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    Carazo Region

    The cities of El Rosario, La Conquista, Diriamba, Jinotepe, Santa Teresa, La Paz de Carazo, Dolores and San Marcos are located in the Carazo Department of Nicaragua and are also the eight municipalities of the region. The capital of the region is Jinotepe and each city in the Carazo Department has a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and tourists to enjoy. The department is ...

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    Jinotega Region

    With Honduras to the north and sharing borders with Matagalpa, Zelaya, Esteli, Madriz and Nueva Segovia departments, Jinotega is Nicaragua’s second largest department and is divided into eight municipalities – El Cua, Jinotega, La Concordia, San Jose de Bocay, San Rafael del Norte, San Sebastian de Yali, Santa Maria de Pantasma and Wiwili. The city of Jinotega, located in the municipality of ...

  • Carazo Region


    The city of Jinotepe can be found on the south pacific side of the country in the Diriamba highlands which is on the south west of Nicaragua. It borders Managua, Granada, Rivas and Masaya. Nicaragua is one of the second poorest countries found in the Western Hemisphere, but still has a lot to offer with its beautiful cloud forests and volcanoes. Jinotepe is 569 meters (1,867 feet) above sea ...

  • National parks

    Selva Negra Reserve

    For a truly unique experience, you simply have to visit the Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve. Situated at an elevation of more than 3000 feet, this 1500 square acre farm is a modern marvel. Upon entering at the European-style gatehouse complete with red and white stripped bar, you feel as if you have entered another world. Yet, while the reserve and coffee plantation are strongly German, ...

  • National parks

    El Jaguar Reserve

    For a little bit of paradise and a splendid cup of coffee, head to the El Jaguar Cloud Forest Reserve. This privately owned forest reserve is situated roughly 1 300 meters above sea level and enjoys many majestic forest plants such as prehistoric ferns and giant oak trees – some of which are an incredible 50 meters in height. You will also find bromeliads, strangler figs and a dazzling array ...

  • Culture


    Let’s begin by getting some terminology straight: when it comes to wine – you indulge yourself with a bit of “wine tasting”. But when it comes to a steaming cup of coffee the process is called “cupping” – that’s the procedure used by professional tasters to evaluate the standard of the smell, taste and look of samples of coffee beans and cups of coffee.

  • Business


    Nicaraguan exports include coffee, beef, shrimp, lobster, tobacco, sugar, gold and peanuts. Export from Nicaragua has improved since the establishment of the Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement or CAFTA-DR.