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  • Sights

    Church of Jalteva

    Fewer cities in Nicaragua are as interesting to tour, from a historical point of view, than Granada. This well-preserved city is generally viewed as being the oldest in Central America and when you visit, you’ll understand that it is a reputation that is well deserved. The city itself is located at the foot of the striking Mombacho Volcano with its beautiful lake and the two make for a ...

  • Museums

    San Francisco Convent

    The Museo del Convento de San Francisco, or San Francisco Convent, has a rich heritage and its existence is testimony to its importance to the people of Granada. The San Francisco Convent is attached to the church and both structures were first erected in 1525, along with the rest of the city of Granada. Unfortunately this city was plagued by pirates who plundered cities and burnt what ...

  • Culture

    Wedding Customs

    Since the majority of Nicaraguan’s are members of the Catholic faith, the majority of those who choose to get wed do so in accordance with the catholic religion. Just as in other countries, the bride and groom can choose to have just a wedding ceremony or they can have a wedding ceremony with a Mass. The Mass is a popular option since Nicaraguan’s are generally fun-loving festive people who ...