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  • Roberto Huembes Market

    Visitors to the city of Managua in Nicaragua who are up for an hour or two of shopping should head off to the Roberto Huembes Market. It is situated nearby a number of hotels in the city, making access to the large market quite easy. So, if you don't mind a bit of hustle and bustle and are keen on purchasing some goods, then Huembes Market is for you.

  • National Museum

    If you are planning to spend some time at a few museums in Nicaragua, you likely will not do much better than the National Museum of Nicaragua. Those with an appreciation for architecture will note that the museum is housed in one of the country’s most impressive buildings – though it doesn’t take a knowledge of architecture to appreciate this fact. The National Museum is housed in the ...

  • Centro de Arte

    Right near the front of the San Francisco Church in Leon, you will find Nicaragua’s Centro de Arte. The building itself is not as beautiful as other colonial structures that can be found in Leon, but it is dedicated to the artwork of various western artists who came to the fore over the last four centuries. The center is designed to help students and families learn more about Nicaraguan and ...