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  • Leon Region

    La Paz Centro

    La Paz Centro is a little town in the district of Leon that is slowly growing into a charming tourist attraction. It may not be the biggest or most exciting place in Nicaragua, but it certainly does have an interesting variety of activities to enjoy. The town is located in a hot and dry part of the country and serves as a home to roughly 10 000 people. Certain parts of the city are actually ...

  • Esteli Region


    Very few visitors to Nicaragua are likely to have heard of Estelí – even though it is the second largest city in the northern half of the country. Although Esteli has very few noteworthy attractions as such, this pretty little city is nonethelss a delightful place to visit, and its people are warm and friendly. The city of Estelí is located in the Estelí department and is situated roughly ...

  • Sights

    Cathedral of Leon

    No trip to the city of León would be complete without a visit to the city’s Cathedral. The Cathedral of León is known as being one of the biggest in Central America. The Cathedral features three main levels – the lower, intermediate and superior. Each level represents something different. The lower level features several underground sections that have been used as crypts for many centuries. ...

  • Culture


    Much like the country itself, Nicaragua’s architecture is incredibly diverse. As you travel the country you will find yourself pondering on the plight of rural citizens living in shacks in various rural areas only to find yourself enjoying the opulence of a high-class, colonial-style hotel only hours later. Much of the existing architecture in the main cities has been influenced by the ...

  • Leon Region


    Situated in western Nicaragua, Leon is the second most important city after Managua. Blessed with graceful old architecture and a fascinating history, Leon has played a pivotal role in the country's history many times over. Modern day Leon may not be as important as it once was, but it serves as home to the National University which has proved to be a constant injection of life to the city.