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    Welcome to Nicaragua.com's Airport Guide. By means of this guide we will provide you with some basic information regarding the airports in Nicaragua and more detailed information on the International Airport in Managua. Nicaragua has one international airport and approximately 180 other types of airports and airfields, 11 of which are paved. Knowing this can greatly assist you in trying to ...

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    Nicaragua is a fascinating country, with an intriguing culture, interesting people and spectacular natural features. A trip to Nicaragua will be unforgettable!

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    By Plane Nicaragua’s international airport, Sandino Airport, is situated about 8 miles from Managua and the city and has very good bus and taxi services. Latin American, European and North American Airlines offer daily flights to and from Managua. NICA Airlines, Nicaragua’s national airline has daily flights to and from Miami International Airport. La Costena is Nicaragua’s major domestic ...