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  • Matagalpa Region

    Rio Blanco

    Rio Blanco is a marvelous town situated in the department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Renowned for its natural treasures, Rio Blanco municipality is home to some 30,000 individuals. Rio Blanco or Blanco River runs through the municipality and its sparkling waters attract nature lovers from around the world. So if you are looking to escape from the busy cities of Nicaragua, make your way to Rio ...

  • Activites

    Adventure Travel

    Nicaragua is the ideal destination for those who are young-at-heart and seeking adventure. With impressive volcanoes, grand mountains, lush rainforests, sparkling lakes and expansive ocean there is much to offer in the way of adventure travel in Nicaragua. Choose from a smorgasbord of Nicaraguan adventure travel options, from jungle tours and hiking to scuba diving tours and camping. Create ...

  • Activites

    Nicaragua is a beautiful country with many interesting things to see and do. To a large extent, the country’s potential has not yet been fully tapped by the tourism industry. Those that have seen the country’s vast array of attractions for what they are worth have created many interesting touring opportunities for the intrepid traveler. The following are just a few of the activities you can ...

  • Managua Region


    For most people the image that greets their minds when they think of Tipitapa, if any, is one of water filled streets and young, innocent faces examining the damage left behind by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. While it is true that the effects of Hurricane Mitch were quite devastating, the small town of Tipitapa is slowly picking up the pieces.