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  • About Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is a democratic republic and the largest country in Central America. Nicaragua (or Surrounded by Water as the name is literally translated) is bordered by Costa Rica to the South and Honduras to the North. Nicaragua’s proximity to Costa Rica has encouraged reciprocal tourism between the countries. On the western side of the country, Nicaragua’s coastline abuts the Pacific Ocean, ...

  • Accommodation

    You've decided to make Nicaragua your next vacation destination. You've chosen the dates and taken leave from work. Now you have to find the right kind of accommodation in Nicaragua to suit both your needs and your budget. There is a variety of accommodation in Nicaragua, from budget to luxury. On another page we discuss hotels, so on this page we focus on other forms of Nicaraguan holiday ...

  • Health Spas

    You've been touring Nicaragua, you've seen a variety attractions, you've engaged in numerous fun-filled activities, but now you just want to relax. Nicaragua can provide. Make your way to one of Nicaragua's health spas. Nicaraguan health spas are designed to meet guest's needs, providing facilities for relaxation and therapy. Certain health spas in Nicaragua are based around geothermal wells ...

  • Leon

    León is one of Nicaragua's oldest cities and it has a rich historical and strong cultural atmosphere. All this is clearly seen in the impressive churches, streets and buildings. León hotels are no exception.

  • Hotels

    Whether you are looking for accommodation in Nicaragua along a sparkling beach front, amidst the bustle of a city or quietly nestled within pine forests, Nicaragua.com is here to help you find that ideal vacation accomodation.

  • Managua

    Whether you are looking for a budget hotel, mid-range hotel or luxury hotel, Managua caters for all tastes and budgets. From large international hotel chains to unique independent hotels, you are certain to find the ideal hotel in Managua.

  • Leon

    Situated in western Nicaragua, Leon is the second most important city after Managua. Blessed with graceful old architecture and a fascinating history, Leon has played a pivotal role in the country's history many times over. Modern day Leon may not be as important as it once was, but it serves as home to the National University which has proved to be a constant injection of life to the city.