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  • Quintana/Roman family informacion

    Blessings in this time of year,
    Although I do speak spanish, my writing is less than perfect. I was born and raised in the US and spent many summers in Managua as a youngester.
    I'm looking for family history. My parents were both born in Nicaragua. I have not lived with them and only know slight information as to our history. My grandfather was; Manuel Jose Quintana whom married, Lucila Orozco. My mother is Ligia Roman and my father is Jaime Quintana. I remember some of my uncles names and are as follows:
    Manuel Quintana, Ofsman Quintana, Alejandro Borge, Jose Guerrero. On my mother side I have very little knowledge of names. I know of Jaime Roman, Albert Roman and a cousin, Jaime Wheelock. I have not seen any of these people since 1968.
    I would be most interested if anyone knows of our family history in the early years of Nicaragua history and where our family may have come from. As I become older, I find that my roots are becoming more important and I need to share this with my children.
    Any information is appreciated. My e-mail is I reside in Oregon.
    Thank you for this site and may God bless you all.
    Max J. Quintana

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      Quintana/Roman family

      I believe my parents were born in Leon. At some time, they moved to Managua.
      Prior to the earthquake, my grand parents had a little store in Managua. I remember them saying it was close to the "ormiga de oro " dos quadras arriba. Thank you for your time and consideration.
      Max Quintana


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        Quintana addresses

        There are 1,251 Quintana registered to vote en October 2001. Also, there were 12 Quintana Orozco; three of them, born in Leon: Maria Leticia born on August 1, 1920; Ofsman born on August 7, 1925; and Silvia Lucila born on December 4, 1929. Their parents are Manuel Jose Quintana and Lucila Orozco. They all live in Managua. I suggest you write to them to find your relatives. There addresses are:

        Maria Leticia Quintana Orozco
        BARRIO BOLONIA, CANAL 2, 2 Cuadras Abajo, 1 Cuadra al Lago

        Ofsman Quintana Orozco
        Ciudad Jard?*n I-12
        Telephone: 505-249-3640

        Silvia Lucila Quintana Orozco
        RESID. BOLONIA, TICA BUS 1 Cuadra al Sur, 1 Cuadra al Este

        I did not have good luck with the Roman, but I will send an Excel file with the 1,251 Quintana and 689 Roman people that includes place of birth, date, name of their parents and street address.

        Good Luck!


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          Muchas Gracias!
          Your time and consideration is appreciated. Jose Mejia, your data base is amazing. You must spend considerable time and investment in keeping all these records. I thank you.
          I did find some of my relatives and some are yet to be discovered. Do you know where I can get further history of my family? My grandfather was Manuel Jose Quintana and I didi find the registration of birth to 3 of my aunt and uncles who were born in Leon from the 1930's and on. I was hoping to know where his family came from and where did Lucila quintana Orozco came from as well.
          Thanks once again.
          Max Quintana


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            Family records in Nicaragua

            There are not genealogy data available on the Internet for Nicaraguan people. The only sources of family data are your old relatives, the tombstones in cemeteries and any papers left by your ancestors.

            What is known in the US as vital records (birth, marriage, divorce and dead certificates) can be obtained at the Civil Registry Office only if you have the exact date and the names of their parents. There are agents that can do a search for you if you do not have dates, but I have never used them because they work out from the street in front of the Register Office; to my knowledge they do not have a phone or e-mail address to contact them.

            I suggest to travel to Nicaragua to search for your roots. Call your relatives there and schedule your trip. I am sure they will help you.

            Good luck,


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              I am the son of your Uncle Jaime Roman. He was born in Chinandega. Your cousins (our generation) largely live in Texas. Your Tios Albert and Jaime lived in California during the 40s and 50s. Tio Albert died a few years ago. My mother, Vilma Zelaya, was born in Corinto.


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                Your Family Genealogy from Nicaragua

                Hello Max,
                I have lots of information on your family genealogy. I tried to write you at the email you gave in this service, but it bounced back. Please write me at