Spectacular Telica Volcano

Nicaragua is known to have some of the most breathtaking volcanoes in the world. A number of them are still active, such as Telica, which is located approximately thirty kilometers outside of the city of Leon. The volcano has a very interesting history and has become a very popular hiking destination for visitors. The eruption that occurred from Telica in 1529 is estimated to have been a force of 4 on the VEI scale, which goes up to 7. There have been other eruptions after this historical explosion was documented and the volcano still emits gasses, with small eruptions occurring from time to time.

The Telica volcano stands at a height of 1 061 meters and is a hundred and twenty meters deep, with hot lava visible in the crater. The crater measures a diameter of seven hundred meters, and is therefore quite a breathtaking sight. The last violent eruption was recorded in 1948, and smaller eruptions take place every now and then, with the last one being in 2007. Many would wonder why some travelers would want to hike up such an active volcano, and the answer is simple – the landscape surrounding the volcano is magnificent and the challenge to complete the five hour hike is even more satisfying when standing on the bare cone of an active volcano.

There are numerous tourism companies that offer guided tours to the volcano, and most take hikers through Hervideros de San Jacinto to see the bubbling mudpots and fumaroles on their journey. The trip to the volcano can be done on foot or horseback, but hiking is the most popular. The foot path will take hikers over various terrains, through forests, over rocks, grassland and valleys. If the volcano is reached in the dark, visitors will be able to view the lava in the bottom of the crater.

As the hike to the volcano is lengthy and tiring, most parties make a camp at the base of the crater. This also allows visitors to watch a breathtaking sunrise over the volcano, gazing over the other volcanoes in the area, some dormant, others also with drifting smoke trailing into the air. Hiking the Telica volcano is a wonderful adventure and an attraction few will forget.