Puerto Diaz

The Chontales region of Nicaragua is vital to the economy of the country, as most of the region is part of the agricultural industry and produces ninety percent of the meat in Nicaragua. Cattle farming is therefore the most dominant industry for locals to make an income, but there are a few coastal cities in the region that rely on the ocean for their livelihood. To discover the beauty of the Chontales region, and to visit a town that is completely off the beaten track, tourists are recommended to take a trip to Puerto Diaz, for a completely unique and fascinating adventure.

Surrounded by the majestic Volcan Mombacho and four islands that rest quietly in the water, Puerto Diaz has an undiscovered atmosphere and is completely secluded and protected from developing cities and modernization. It’s simple way of life can be seen from the time of arrival, with humble homes being scattered amongst a breathtaking landscape, fishermen going about their daily work and the locals occupying their time with collecting wood and taking care of livestock.

Tourism is not an industry in Puerto Diaz, and it is therefore the perfect destination to truly experience Nicaragua and its almost forgotten communities. Locals are friendly and will eagerly assist visitors, while fishermen can be persuaded to give up a few hours of work, to provide peaceful boat trips along the coast. The fact that this serene fishing community has not been influenced by commercialism, allows visitors to enjoy the village in its natural form, as it has been operating for centuries. Trails and worn out paths offer tourists the opportunity to explore its breathtaking views and natural wonders, while the two quaint seafood restaurants let visitors get a taste of their lives, through traditional recipes and freshly caught fish.

The spectacular farmlands, dense forests and welcoming waters of the village provide visitors ample ways to discover this picturesque village and speaking to locals over an ice cold beverage will reveal the traditions, legends and secrets of this part of the Chontales region. The tranquility of Puerto Diaz gives visitors a chance to catch their breath and relax and take in the magnificence of the non-commercial destinations of Nicaragua.