Nicaraguan Actress Barbara Carrera

The wonderfully talented and beautiful Barbara Carrera has an air of mystery to her, and is able to captivate audiences, young and old. The main mystery surrounding this talented actress is her actual year of birth. The year 1945 is the most common year quoted, but some publications have also stated 1947 and 1951. Nevertheless, Carrera worked her way up to stardom and is proud of her Nicaraguan roots. Starting her career as model, lay the groundwork she needed to be noticed, and she is still gracing screens today.

Barbara Carrera was born in the city of San Carlos, Nicaragua, to a mother who was Nicaraguan, but came from Native and European decent, while her father was an American working at the embassy. At the age of ten, the Kingsbury family relocated to Memphis and then moved to the Big Apple, New York, when she was fifteen. At the age of seventeen she began modeling for the Eileen Ford Agency, and changed her surname to her mother’s maiden name of Carrera for her modeling career.

She starred in her first film, Puzzle of a Downfall Child, in 1970, but the film was not a success. Her role in The Master Gunfighter, however, earned her a Golden Globe nomination, catapulting her into a place in her career where she became a sought after actress. Carrera moved onto starring in films such as Lone Wolf McQuade, Point of Impact, Embryo, The Island of Dr Moreau, I the Jury and Condorman. Her most famous roles were as Fatima Blush, a villainess in the Never Say Again James Bond movie, and as Dallas’ Angelica Nero. Her modeling experience was an asset to her as she featured on the covers of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

Barbara Carrera also discovered a new talent as an artist, with her work being displayed in various galleries such as the Roy Miles Gallery (London) and the Makk Galleries, as well as in the Hollywood Entertainment Museum in 2002. President Arnoldo Aleman appointed her as a Nicaraguan Ambassador-at-Large in 1997, which was a great honor for the Nicaraguan born beauty. More recently, she has guest starred in television series such as Judging Amy and That 70’s Show. Barbara Carrera is a legendary actress and role model to many aspiring actors and actresses in Nicaragua.