Nicaragua Real Estate Increasing Demand

Nicaragua real estate is increasing in price and demand as more US residents are looking to the country as a vacation and retirement spot of choice. It has pleasant weather all year round, mountains, lakes, a beautiful coastline and relatively low-priced home sites in developments. One of the first and prime attractions of this country has been the sun and the beach, particularly the emerging Riviera along its south Pacific coast. The Nicaragua property market is expanding geographically now to the northern Pacific coast, especially around Leon, the mountainous lake area around Jinotega and in the regions surrounding Granada.

Initially foreigners sought Nicaragua real estate for investment purposes and land has been the primary product on offer. In the past few years, however, turn-key housing has become an option, with some developers building and selling beach houses, casitas, and condos. Those people who bought real estate in this country over the past decade have enjoyed tremendous increases in values. Today it is not only a market for investors in Nicaragua property but also for end-users. More people now want to enjoy the beauty and appealing lifestyle Nicaragua has to offer.

Several projects are being developed in different parts of the country. While Gran Pacifica is the biggest coastal real estate project in Nicaragua has seen, several other resorts such as Rancho Santana are in various stages of development. There are plenty of business opportunities here for American entrepreneurs and for people looking to help in developmental projects.

Cost of living is low and foreigners looking to live here have many incentives offered to them by the government. One can live here comfortably on about $500 to $800 a month in most parts of Nicaragua and this includes domestic help, utilities, and taxes. Health insurance is available for $90 a month and outpatient care in hospitals is free. The contrast between tradition and modernity adds a sense of adventure to living in Nicaragua

Friendly people and a sense of calm and peace in the more remote areas attract people looking to slow down and lead a more meaningful life.