Nicaragua Property near Lake Apoyo

More people are looking for Nicaragua real estate than ever before. It is not unusual now for people to vacation, invest, live or even retire away from their home countries. Buying Nicaragua property is an opportunity to live a luxurious life in a beautiful country, develop thriving business and make the most of all worlds.

The number of Americans living abroad has risen from 2.3 million in 1990 to 3.5 million People are looking countries that are just beginning to boom and real estate markets capitalize on the direction of the trend. Overseas retirement real estate, second homes or business ventures are all sound reason to invest in Nicaragua real estate as the prices will only shoot upwards with time. The government too offers exciting incentive to foreign investors.

Living in the outskirts of a large city like Granada offers a tranquil lifestyle with the option of enjoying Nicaragua nightlife whenever it takes one’s fancy and plenty of outdoor activities nearby. Places like Lake Apoyo offer for privacy, safety, warm weather, and a relaxed and often adventurous lifestyle.

The volcanoes of Nicaragua’s Pacific Slope contain lakes in the cones, with unique ecosystems, special aquatic wildlife and beautiful landscapes. The largest, cleanest and clearest of these lakes is Laguna de Apoyo where underground springs bring warm and slightly salty water into the seven kilometer-wide, 200meter deep circular crater. Dense vegetation grows on the walls of the crater and it is now home to squirrels, deer, monkeys, iguana and several species of birds. The Laguna de Apoyo and the surrounding forest constitute an official Nature Reserve encompassing 2,100 hectares and is the natural habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals.

Nicaragua real estate along the slopes surrounding Lake Apoyo offers idyllic sites for homes. Investing in property here would mean living on the edge of a beautiful forest with a tranquil lake and not far from a beautiful, historic city too. Nothing could be more attractive, particularly as the price of Nicaragua real estate is a fraction of what it is in other parts of Central America.

Enjoy the diversity of life at Laguna de Apoyo: walk through the forests, climb up to the crater and feast your eyes on the incredibly beautiful landscape- every day!