Nicaragua Nightlife abounds in Esteli

Nicaragua real estate is an attractive investment as now more and more people are discovering Central America’s best kept secret. People looking for a less crowded and cheaper alternative to Costa Rica will do well to consider Nicaragua property on lease or outright purchase. There are plenty of incentives for foreign investment and the larger cities offers decent Nicaragua nightlife too.

Managua the capital is of course a modern city which has large parts in the center of the city untouched since the devastating earthquake. A new downtown has developed and property in Managua like other Nicaragua real estate is a sensible buy. Just a couple of hours away from Managua is Esteli, the entrance to the to the Las Segovias region in the northern part of Nicaragua.

Though Esteli is a fairly big commercial center with cigar factories which use the nearby tobacco plantations as a source of tobacco, people are attracted to it because it is in a cooler region of the country. Estelí is located 150 km. from Managua at an altitude of 800 meters.

There are plenty of day trips to be made from here and though the journeys may be tedious they offers great views. There are picturesque waterfalls and quaint towns like San Juan de Limay, where beautiful soapstone statues are made and sold. There are many sites of archeological interest and ancient petroglyphs have been found in the region, some of them dating back more than 1,000 years. This is east of Estelí, in a region called “Las Pintas”. Furthermore, ancient fossils of gigantic mammals between 20 to 30 thousand years old have been found in Pueble Nuevo, also close to Estelí.

As Esteli is a ,strong>tourist center because of all it offers, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs here that offer a taste of Nicaragua nightlife. The atmosphere and dress is casual and there are several good places were one can mingle with ex-patriots, tourists and locals. Nicaraguan cuisine, Latin music and the salsa warm up the beat and provide fun and relaxation at many local bars.