Much to Discover at Esquina del Movimiento Cultural Café

Nicaragua is a great country with so much to offer. Many visitors will start their travels to this strikingly different country with a stay in the city of León. If you are planning a short stay in León soon, you simply have to make sure that you stop off at the Esquinea del Movimeiento Cultural Café.

Esquina del Movimiento is a café with a difference. Yes, you can buy some great food here, but there is far more to this establishment than simply light refreshments! For starters, the food on offer at the canteen is typically Nicaraguan so you can experience some of the country’s tastiest and most unusual dishes with the utmost confidence that the food is of a good standard. More than that, however, Esquina del Movimiento is a cultural café. That means that an emphasis is put on the culture of the country and visitors can explore the country’s arts and crafts through touch, feel and smell at this great location. There are numerous handicrafts available for sale here – most of which are produced under a fair-trade label for the café – so you will find that it is a great opportunity to pick up some mementos of your stay and support the local economy at the same time. Presentations are also regularly given on the various forms of art present at the cultural café, and organized shows are regularly presented for your entertainment and education. They may take the form of musical concerts, theatrical plays or other cultural events. The Esquina del Movimiento Cultural Café also provides guests with tourism information to help them better plan their trip to León and other parts of Nicaragua.

If this sounds like the sort of place you’d enjoy having a cup of tea or a great Nicaraguan meal at, you’ll find Esquina del Movimiento located just three blocks from the city center of León. It is also interesting to note that the building housing Esquina del Movimiento is not only home to shops and a canteen, but also to a small library where visitors can research topics such as sociology, archeology, geography, economy, architecture, history, photography, mythology, gastronomy and anthropology. It is also worthwhile noting that most of the products on sale were produced in sustainable environmental projects and that it is possible to make international calls from the café. So make sure that the Esquina del Movimiento Cultural Café is a part of your travel itinerary the next time you visit Nicaragua!