Miskito Cays – Part 2

The population of the Miskito Cays is mostly Miskito, followed by small numbers of Creoles, Mayagnas and Mestizos. It is also home to predominantly fishermen, whose homes are built on stilts above the water and create a wonderful feature and photographic opportunities. The fishermen come to the main island of the Archipelago, Miskito Cay, as most of the islands do not have running water. This simple and tranquil lifestyle makes a visit to the Miskito Cays truly unique.

Most of the fishermen only stay in Miskito Cay for the duration of the fishing season, which lasts approximately six months. They return home for the remainder of the year and live off the money made during fishing season. The Military Base on the cay is significant in the protection of the environment and safety concerns, such as illegal fishing and drug traffickers, but a precautionary measure for visitors as well and it is recommended that visitors advise the military base of their presumed time on the Miskito Cays. There are also small churches found here, such as the Moravian Churches in Bilwi and Miskito Cay.

The rich fishing industry means that visitors to the cays will be able to enjoy a variety of fresh seafood such as lobster and fish. When it comes to activities and attractions, there is no destination more fascinating and beautiful. With breathtaking natural wonders on land and marine life to explore, the cays can be discovered on foot or by boat. Swimming is a popular activity at any of the cays, as the Caribbean Sea ensures that there is warm water available all year round. The clear waters and spectacular reefs and fish give visitors the perfect opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive, although it is recommended that visitors take their own diving gear. As the islanders make a living off fishing, visitors are welcome to try and pull out their own catch of day. Bird watchers frequently visit various parts of the Miskito Cays, as they have become more popular for this activity over the years because of the great variety of species which can be seen here. Visiting the Miskito Cays is often considered to be off the beaten path, but most certainly worth sacrificing luxury accommodation for, as discovering the Miskito Cays is nothing less than extraordinary.