Fulfill a Dream of Owning an Island

Lake Nicaragua is one of the world’s most scenic lakes with countless little islands in it. The larger volcanic islands of Ometepe and Zapatera are well known and very popular with tourists as well as those looking out for Nicaragua real estate. The Zapatera Volcano has eight islets surrounding it that are owned by private landholders. In the1980s, the islands were given national park status, earned because of their rich natural, cultural, and historical heritage. Covered with virgin forests, the islands boast of lovely shorelines that are a water lover’s paradise. Zapatera is renowned for pre-Columbian statuary discovered there.

Invest in Nicaragua property here as this archipelago, not far from the Port of Granada, is one of the few places in the world where you can own an island for less than $60,000, or for even as little as $40,000. Rent a small boat at Puerto Asese and visit the islands to check them out. You will discover a veritable tropical paradise, dense with lush vegetation. Some islets have small houses and some even have country restaurants that serve you fresh fish and mangos. Just relax on the beach and imagine what it would be to own Nicaragua real estate here! Get your own little boat and your craving for Nicaragua nightlife will be fulfilled by a short boat ride to Granada.

The Archipelago of Solentiname in the southern-most sector of the immense Lake Nicaragua, near the Río San Juan delta into the lake is probably Nicaragua’s best-kept secret. This precious chain of 36 verdant, virginal islands is home to a community of primitive painters whose portraits are internationally famous. The Island of Mancarón has a comfortable hotel. Set off from San Carlos in a local panga, a long, motorized, roofed boat to discover this magical journey into the past.

Life over here is surrounded by the rich heritage of Nicaragua past civilizations. You will come across petroglyphs, stone carvings, pottery and idols lying all over the islands, undisturbed in the brush. Along with the abundant flora and fauna on these islands, these ancient artifacts will be your neighbors when you live here.