Discover the Natural Wonders of Moyogalpa

Known by some as the Gateway to Ometepe, Moyogalpa may pop up on your list of travel destinations if you are planning a trip to Nicaragua soon. Moyogalpa is a municipality situated in the Rivas department of Nicaragua. It has great services and plenty of interesting legends, though many would not consider it to be ultimate travel destination in Nicaragua.

The municipality is quite large. It covers 63 square kilometers of land and was home to a sizable population of 10 109 people in 1995. Its primary productions are corn, bananas, avocados, cattle and beans. The north, south and west of the municipality are bordered by Lake Nicaragua and Cocibolca, and for this reason serves primarily as a lake port town. The majority of the agricultural products produced here exit from the lake port on their journey to other parts of the country. Locals would argue that Moyogalpa is more than a port, however. The beautiful tropical flora and exotic wildlife found in the region have spawned a burgeoning tourism industry. As a result the town known as Moyogalpa is growing rapidly and there are plenty of great services available to travelers. There are several great hotels offering a good standard of accommodation, while a variety of restaurants will keep you well fed. Most of the hotels are located on the main street near the port and are easy to reach after your arrival. However, if you want to get a more picturesque view from your room, you might try the hotels in Altagracia or the ones situated near the Maderas Volcano.

There is also no shortage of things to do or see and there are certainly plenty of services to help you out with that too. You can rent a car to get around in, or enter the jungle by way of horseback or boat. Guides will help you to explore the nearby volcanoes more safely while shops, bakeries, shoe shops and pharmacies provide you with all the basic services you could need. In the evening there are bars and canteens and you will find their beverages and food absolutely refreshing. Moyogalpa in Nicaragua is also very old and home to a great collection of ancient Nahuatl artifacts that have been found in Ometepe. Other things worth seeing are the parish church at the bottom of Main Street and the pier. However, the number-one attraction here has to be the near-perfect cone of the Concepcion Volcano. This slumbering giant has erupted several times over the centuries and now measures 1 610 meters in height – a noteworthy giant. You can see this striking natural phenomenon from various points in Moyogalpa or get much closer to it by organizing a tour. Whatever you do, make sure that you make the most of your visit to Moyogalpa!