Awesome Sounds of DJ Craze

Aristh Delgado, better known as DJ Craze, was born in Managua, Nicaragua, on 19 November 1977. During the merciless war that engulfed Nicaragua in the 1980’s, the Delgado family fled their homeland and moved to San Francisco in California. Not long after they arrived in California, the family decided to move to the city of Miami in Florida, where they still live today. As a young child, DJ Craze was told that he could be whatever he chose if he put his mind to it. So he put his fingers to his turntables, and jumped onto the road that would lead him to stardom.

DJ Craze started leaving his mark on the music industry when he won the Zulu National Championships consecutively in 1995 and 1996. During 1996, he also raked in the title of East Coast Rap Sheet Champion and Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Champion. In 1997, he took the Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Championship again, together with the East Coast DMC Championship. However, 1998 would prove to be a memorable year, taking home the Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Championship, the ITF Western Hemisphere Scratch Off Championship, the World ITF Scratch Off Championship, USA DMC Championship and the World DMC Championship. He proved his worth again at the Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Championship in 1999 and in the same year he won the World DMC Championship. He went on to win the World DMC Championship consecutively for 2000 and 2001, which is the first time a solo DJ has achieved this. Time Magazine named DJ Craze “America’s Best” in 2001.

During his rise through the competitions, DJ Craze has also managed to release a few albums, of which his Bully Breaks and Bully Breaks 2 albums have been most popular. His first album release was in 1999, called Crazee Musick, and in 2002 he released a solo album by the name of Scratch Nerds and D-Day, with his The Allies Crew. Other albums include Live in Puerto Rico: Hip Hop Drum N Bass Turntablism, Rugged Radio Saturday, Miami Heat and Fabriclive 38 – Mixed by DJ Craze.

Being a club DJ has also given him the opportunity to tour the world and play for audiences in countries such as Iceland, Japan, Jamaica, France, Australia and even in Nicaragua. His unique turntable technique allows him to shift between drum ‘n bass and hip-hop, creating a sound of his own and developing a talent that is described by most as untouchable and just plain breathtaking. DJ Craze managed to make his way up the music industry ladder through sheer determination, belief in his own capabilities and the support of his friends and family. He has become the DJ that young aspiring DJs look to for inspiration and the example that anything is possible through hard work. He is the proof that dreams can come true and that it doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you are going to.