Amaze Guests at Your Nicaragua Property with Nifty Nacatamales

You may think of it as a boost or a drag, but it is a fact which will not go away! Your popularity is sure to sky rocket once friends and relatives know that you are the proud owner of Nicaragua real estate! You may have to fight off hordes of guests from the U.S. and from Europe, no matter how much you may enjoy playing host and hostess! Seriously, living on Nicaragua property always comes with heaps of entertaining because the local spirit of hospitality is able to infect even the most avowed introvert!

Nicaragua cuisine goes very well with guests, both for its irresistible tastes and sheer visual delight as well! Everyone has their favorite recipes handed down with the family heirlooms. Nacatamale is a very traditional and popular Nicaraguan dish that can be eaten for breakfast or any other time of the day – perfect for a Sunday Brunch with tortillas. Popular in the United States among those who have been bold enough to experiment with Nicaraguan cuisine, legend has it that a popular chain of restaurants in Nicaragua had its humble origins with the lady of the house supplying her special nacatamales to locals.

Similar to dumplings nacatamales consist of outer dough stuffed with rice and meats. The dough is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

For the complete recipe and step by step guide to make Nacamales, please go to our Recipes page.