A Rural Adventure at La Granadilla

To experience the true essence of Nicaragua, visitors to the country are advised to head out towards the rural countryside, where beauty and culture collide. Some settings can only be described as breathtaking, and that is the case with a rural community by the name of La Granadilla. Here, visitors will experience the spectacular beauty of nature and the uniqueness of the community members living in La Granadilla. It is an area that is worth exploring and will leave tourists with unforgettable memories.

Life in a rural setting does have its challenges, and each day the community members of La Granadilla face their various struggles to carve a living. But La Granadilla has developed into a major tourist destination, as farmers and the tourist board work together to offer visitors an authentic experience. The community is literally off the beaten path, as the road that leads to them from Granada is unpaved. Tourists will follow the road until they reach the communal house, where they can ask for directions, information and attractions to ensure a delightful stay in La Granadilla. Staying at the communal house of La Granadilla is an inexpensive option, as services, accommodation and meals are extremely affordable, and it is the ideal location from which to explore La Granadilla. However, other accommodation options are available. Guests will be able to hire a guide, rent mountain bikes and even book horseback excursions from here. Other methods to discover the beauty of La Granadilla include ox wagon tours, which are especially memorable.

Guides are a vital part of the tourism industry in La Granadilla, as the La Granadilla walking route has become one of the main attractions. It is an educational and breathtaking activity, as guides take visitors to numerous houses where they can meet the families, discover the cycles of corn and participate in fruit tasting including mouth watering fruits such as pineapples, coconuts and mangos. Taking in the mountains, valleys, endless plantations and rolling landscapes of La Granadilla will reveal a world of rich animal and bird life and spectacular natural scenes that will be remembered for years to come.