A Day Trip to Granada, Nicaragua

Easily reached and only 47 miles from the capital of Managua, the colonial-flavored city of Granada is a perfect choice for those travelers who want to spend a relaxing day going for a stroll or seeing the sights from the comfortable cushioned seats of a horse-drawn carriage. Founded in 1524, and conquered, attacked and re-attacked several times during its tumultuous history, Granada is visited by more tourists than any other city in Nicaragua.

Beautiful architecture, several museums and even a Spanish fortress make for an enjoyable day of sightseeing. Take a minute to check out the Convento San Francisco museum — one of the most important buildings in Granada. Climb the towers of the La Merced church for a great view of the city.

Whether your trip is for a day or a week, visitors will find that Granada has much to offer from many fine restaurants and hotels with unsurpassed and exceptional sightseeing to bargain shopping and a festive nightlife scene. In fact, like so many other travelers, you may find that what started as a day trip quickly turns into a long weekend. Granada boasts many comfortable hotels and hostels many of which can be found in our hotel guide section.

Within walking distance from Granada’s Central Park sit many beautifully appointed restaurants that offer great cuisine at even greater prices. Be sure to sample the famous ‘vigorón’, a typical plate from Granada consisting of yucca, pig fat, and a vegetable salad accompanied by a cacao drink.

It is easy to get to Granada from the capital city of Managua by highway. From Managua you can reach Granada by car or express bus in about 90 minutes (or less, depending on traffic and road conditions). The connection with public buses is also good, with many buses leaving to and from Granada.

With so many stunning colonial buildings, restaurants and hotels all conveniently located within a couple blocks from the city center, Granada is perfect for exploring by foot. Taxis are also an option. But what’s the rush? Take your time, see the sights and relish the fact that you’re experiencing a slice of life most people can only dream about.