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Granada, Nicaragua (granada nicaragua corner house, hospedaje valeria granada, valeria nicaragua) [01:29]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Granada, Nicaragua by TravelPod blogger Mschwartz. See this TripWow and more at Granada " Granada was an incredibly pleasant surprise with it's lively town square lined with lush green trees, small vendors and horse-drawn carriages. Bright pastel buildings line the streets in every possible color. As chaotic and overwhelming as Managua felt, Granada feels stately and serene. The fact that the streets in Granada are actually named (and posted!) is a huge bonus as well. We spent a leisurely afternoon exploring Granada, peering in open front doors to the inside courtyards that every house seems to possess. That's my favorite part of the city I think, the indoor/outdoor living. Most houses, and hotels and guesthouses, contain a private outdoor courtyard that the rest of the house (or guesthouse) is centered around. Instead of front and back yards, each place has their own little yard within the house. The result is a private hideaway feeling that combines nature with everyday living. We stayed at Hospedaje Valeria, an eight-room guesthouse owned by Valeria, a recently returned Nicaraguan, and her Sicilian husband. We enjoyed a warm, welcome-to-the-family overnight stay that was remarkably relaxing, as we chit-chatted with Valeria's sister and her American husband and two babies and played with Olly, Valeria's French poodle. We're heading to Ometepe, the largest island in Lago de Nicaragua, next. Looking ...
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Motorcycle diaries - Ometepe Island, Nicaragua (managua nicaragua motorcycles, ometepe lancha) [01:28]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua by TravelPod blogger Supertramps. See this TripWow and more at Motorcycle diaries "The island of Ometepe is a twin volcano island in the middle of Central Americas largest lake. The crossing was as rough as a Junior C game and with no railings we tended to remain firmly seated in the middle of the boat. We were more than a little suprised to meet a young islander sporting a Connaught rugby jersey, so it was a good start. We settled in Santo Domingo in the the isthmus between the 2 volcanoes and were happy enough admiring them from lake level. Most of the islands "roads" are bumpy dirt tracks so a motorbike seemed like a good way to explore the islands. In fact it was a great way until.....we fell off. It's hard to inflict serious injury, even on a motorbike, when travelling at milk float speeds but unfortunately Sineads trailing leg touched the hot exhaust and burned her calf. The incident was enough to send her into a state of shock but thankfully we had wandered into a very friendly local woman who took very good care of her. Unfortunately for Sinead the motorbike was the only way to get to the local hospital and we didn't want to take any chances with infection. The hospital treatment was very good and very free, as were the antibiotics and painkillers, so Sinead came out a lot happier than she went in. Further exploration of the island had to be abandoned though apart ...
Tags: motorcycle nicaragua, ometepe lancha, motorbike nicaragua, ometepe island hospital, swimming pools on ometepe, motorcycle travel nicaragua, nicaragua travel motorbike, managua nicaragua motorcycles, 2 volcanoes, mad max, little birds, mad max motorcycles,

The Tantra of Permaculture: Connecting Inner and Outer Landscapes, InanItah, Isla de Ometepe [11:09]
The Tantra of Permaculture expands upon the standard 72-hour Permaculture Design Certification curriculum by integrating a deeper exploration of our relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the environment. This video captures the 2010 Tantra of Permaculture course at InanItah on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua.
Tags: Tantra, Permaculture, Design, tantric, course, curriculum, inanitah, Isla, Ometepe, Nicaragua, PDC

Hiking Volcano Concepcion on Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua [06:36]
If you are in or are planning to come to Nicaragua you have to come to Isla Ometepe and Climb Volcano Concepcion! It is a great hike and beautiful views. Check out more of our adventure stories at
Tags: volcano, Nicaragua, Isla Ometepe, Concepcion

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