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Manhattan two days after hurricane Sandy. November 2012 [08:23]
Happy New Year 2013 from San Juan del Sur Nicaraguaby svetanyc 1 view; 014. Watch Later Happy Birthday dad 2013 Version from Nicaraguaby svetanyc 2 views; 2741. Watch Later Portable House Simple Lifeby peakmoment 39127 views; 102. Watch Later Zip Lining in Nicaragua January 2013by svetanyc 17 views; 2750. Watch Later A Young Couple Find Freedom in Simple Livingby peakmoment 39665 views; 406. Watch Later Hurricane Sandy Updates US Northeast Picks Up After Epic Stormby ...

Summary of journey through Central America - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (mytravelpod) [02:38]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua by TravelPod blogger Globekiter. See this TripWow and more at Summary of journey through Central America "(This entry only contains a small selection of the ¨Best Of¨ pictures. For more pictures, please select the ¨Picture¨ links in this entry) Journey through Central America 4 countries full of stories, surprises, beautiful vistas and people Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua Saludos! Many greetings and hellos from Central America! No, we didn´t forget about anyone or didn´t want you not to know where we are but rather it has been a time of incredible changes, developments, events, experiences and personal growth. I haven´t written in a while like you might have noticed and I apologize to those who were expecting a bit more frequent updates from our trip and adventures abroad. Many things have happened and there is so much to tell that I will just give you some of the highlights and when we see you again we can sit down and chat about what it has been like living and traveling here in Central America and really experiencing what these countries are all about. I have spent lots of hours lately to make some serious changes to our website and have migrated to a Travelpod website. This tool is easier to use for me on the road as well is better for you to follow our route. There is a dynamic world map with interactive map pins you can click on to get pictures and ...
Tags: central america summary, mytravelpod, back road journey through, latin america, san juan del sur nicaragua, hurricane, nicaragua travel rout, san juan central america, best way to travel through, central america, el salvador central america, traveling wit

hurricaneidalittlecorn.MOV [01:24]
morning after Hurricane Ida hit Little Corn Island Nicaragua ... Hurricane Ida Little Corn Island Nicaragua
Tags: Hurricane, Ida, Little, Corn, Island, Nicaragua

Life in the RAAN, Nicaragua after Hurricane Ida [09:48]
Short clips showing some of the more difficult aspects of the RAAN. In the 3rd clip, all vehicles were halted the whole night as the front lorries in both directions had got stuck in the mud and it was impossible for any traffic to get past. It shows a coffin being carried by people to the other side at 3am in the morning - the poor man had been hit by a skidding bus whilst standing by a tree. Hurricane Ida hit the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua during this period - you will see in some clips ...
Tags: RAAN, Nicaragua, Hurricane, Ida, Viridis

Nicaragua - RAAN Region - Reforestation Project following Hurricane Felix [10:41]
Nicaragua - RAAN region - Rosita - Hurricane Felix devastation - Reforestation
Tags: Felix, RAAN, Nicaragua, Rosita, Hurricane, Reforestation

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