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The Selva Negra Resort, Nicaragua [03:08]
The Selva Negra Resort in Nicaragua is about two hours' drive north of Managua. It is surely one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua. Should you choose to stay here, there's a dormitory, hotel rooms along the peaceful lake and little cottages nestled in the abundant tropical flora of this ecolodge resort. A visit to the Selva Negra is an escape into nature vacation. The Selva Negra resort offers a peacefulness difficult to find anywhere else. It is located in the mountains north of Matagalpa. As you drive north along the road from Matagalpa, you'll notice the temperature decrease. It's cool up there in the mountains of Nicaragua, a break from the heat of other parts of Nicaragua. Selva Negra Resort is also a bird friendly coffee plantation, an organic farm and nature reserve. They also offer tours of the coffee plantation and farm. There is a restaurant and coffee museum at the main building. You'll find a wonderful menu, offering organic food which is grown and produced by the organic farm at Selva Negra. Organic cheese is also produced on the farm. Also available for guests are hiking trails into the rain cloud forest, horseback riding and birding. Nature is abundant and unspoiled here at the Selva Negra Resort. A visit to the Selva Negra Resort is included in some of our tours by NicaTour Group. Spend two days at the Selva Negra Resort on our 12 Day Fact Finding tour and enjoy a tour of the coffee farm. Find out more about this tour and our other tours by ...

La Piedra De Cuapa: This Video is taken in the destination of Cuapa,Chontales-Nicaragua [10:00]
English Piedra De Cuapa: Short description: Cuapa The stone has been visited by domestic and foreign, who find it an adventure to climb to the summit Location: It has over 150 meters high, located four kilometers from the town and welcomes to the city. the Piedra De Cuapa: has been visited by domestic and foreign, who find it an adventure to climb to the summit to see the natural beauty of its surroundings and breathe fresh air. According to legend, the stone fell from heaven Cuapa, a league of the hacienda La Flor. Which says that it is still visited by goblins who lived in love with the daughter of the owner of the property. To reach the site where the stone is necessary to pass through a stream of water ice and crystal, which invites any mortal to put your hands and wash your face. Additionally, you can appreciate the beauty of the flora and fauna, and if retailer can easily observe the stones idols are still in Cuapa roads. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spanish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Piedra De Cuapa: Breve descripción: La piedra de Cuapa ha sido visitada por nacionales y extranjeros, quienes encuentran en ella toda una aventura al escalarla hasta su cima Ubicación: Cuenta más de 150 metros de altura, ubicado a cuatro kilómetros del casco urbano y que le da la bienvenida a la ciudad. La piedra de Cuapa ...

The Genuine Value of Real Estate in Central America [14:53]
These days looking after one's hard earned money is at the top of the list for most people. So what is one of the best ways to look after one's hard earned money? A great way is to take care not to pay more unnecessarily for the things that you purchase. This is especially pertinent if you purchase items that are similar in nature or items that qualify as big ticket items. One of the biggest and most important things we purchase in our lifetimes is real estate. Central America has drawn increasingly large numbers of purchasers from North America due to Central America's proximity, weather, prices and favorable living conditions. So when we look at Central America, the question becomes, what do the countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua have in common? The answer is that they have a lot in common. Besides being located in the geographic area that is Central America, all have tropical climates and diverse terrain. All have beautiful and expansive beaches. All have rainforests and a great variety of flora and fauna. And all have developments that offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a piece of paradise and enjoy it up close. So how do these four Central American countries differ? One of biggest differences you will find will be direct and personal; it will be in your pocketbook. It comes down to just how much paradise you can get for your money. The question then becomes: Why accept less when you can have more? Where is the real value in Central America ...
Tags: Exotic Land, generation of poets, natural settings, tradition of country, architectural standards, exotic retreat, investment in Nicaragua, ideal location in Nicaragua

Ecocidio al Rio San Juan de Nicaragua [04:28]
Ecocidio a la flora y fauna acuática y terrestre en la frontera Nicaragüense en la rivera del Río San Juan de Nicaragua.
Tags: Río, San, Juan, de, Nicaragua

Ball FloraPlant's "Las Limas" in Nicaragua [03:34]
A tour of Ball FloraPlant's newest Central America cutting production facility, Las Limas, in Esteli, Nicaragua. BFP general manager Al Davidson is our host.
Tags: growertalks, Chris, Beytes, Al, Davidson, Nicaragua, Esteli, Ball, floraplant, flowers, cuttings, gardening

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