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Fraternidad International en Diriamba, Nicaragua 2010 [06:23]
Fraternidad International en Diriamba, Nicaragua 2010
Tags: Iglesia, Del, Dios, Vivo, Sunray, Amarillo, Texas, IDDV, fraternidad, Diriamba, Nicaragua, Pastor, Federico, Pena

Taste-Testing [00:33]
He ordered bull testicles off the menu... enough said :)
Tags: Bull, Testicles, Restaurant, Dinner, Menu, YWAM, Nicaragua, Diriamba, Mission, 2009

Nicaragua's National Anthem [00:43]
We were in Nicaragua on our mission trip on Canada Day 2009, so in fair exchange for us singing our national anthem for them, the kids sang theirs for us. And the local pastor was generous enough to invite us over for a campfire that night to celebrate, since we were missing out on our fireworks (sorta.. hehehe).
Tags: Campfire, National, Anthem, YWAM, Nicaragua, Diriamba, Mission, 2009

Local Nicaraguan Screaming at Bus Driver! [01:37]
While in Nicaragua and on my way into town the tire on the van that I was riding in exploded and we had to pull over to change it. Luckily we didn't crash as there were over 25 people sardine in this 8 person van! One of the passengers was so upset that he had to wait for the tire to be changed and wanted a discount on the price. Although many won't be able to understand the words, just watch his energy and actions and you'll get a good laugh I promise!
Tags: bus scream nic, Upset, anger, bus, van, tire, flat, road, Nicaragua, Diriamba, Cordoba, local, express, jack, spare

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