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Tranquilo Traveler: 48 Hours in Estelí, Nicaragua [03:18]
In July, 2012, I returned for a quick visit to Estelí, Nicaragua (not far from the village where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer a long time ago...), to report on 'la ruta de los puros,' or 'cigar tourism.' My article on Estelí's newest budget accommodations, Hotel Puro Estelí, appears in the current issue of Cigar Press magazine. Here are a few scenes from that trip. More stories from Nicaragua, Belize, and the Tranquilo Traveler: Don't miss Nicholas Melillo's Travel Channel debut on 23 January, 2013, on the Latin America episode of a new show called "Street Eats." My next 12 seconds of fame will be on 19 December, 2012, in the ceviche scene of the Travel Channel show, "Fast Foods Gone Global."

Doña Elba Cigars [00:22]
Verdadero Organic is an excellent cigar consisting of 100% organically grown fillers hailing from the virgin soils at the base of the Mombacho Volcano in Granada, Nicaragua. No pesticides, chemicals, or flavor enhancers have ever been used during the creation of this blend, while the soil that produces this tobacco has never been utilized to grow any other vegetation. Verdadero Organic is truly unique, offering flavors different from all other cigars on the market, including a distinct raisin aroma. The cigar is balanced, utilizing an Indonesian Sumatra binder bound by a seamless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, which allows the unique flavors of the organic filler to dominate the palate. The blend is smooth, mellow, and mild to medium-bodied with a perfect draw that produces a creamy smoke. There are no other cigars similar to Verdadero, guaranteed.

IPCPR 2012 Cigar Conversation: Jose Blanco of Joya de Nicaragua [07:07]
We wrap up our 2012 IPCPR Conversation Series with the one and only Jose Blanco of Joya de Nicaragua It's been about a year since Jose joined Joya de Nicaragua, and you can see the genuine enthusiasm he has for being a part of the company. Jose discusses how things have been going over the past year, and then gets in to the new Cuenca y Blanco. No doubt this gave Jose a great opportunity to work with some great tobacco. Jose is one of the most passionate people when it comes to cigar rights. Jose gives us a state of the land on how he sees the battle is going on the cigar rights front. Jose has some very interesting perspectives on this topic that every cigar enthusiast needs to here. When we get into our discussion on industry trends, Jose talks about the role cigar rights has played on this front - particularly on how it has affected the industry's growth rate.
Tags: IPCPR 2012, Joya de Nicaragua, Jose Blanco, Cigar Conversation, Cigar Coop

Hand rolling cigars [02:11]
Hoya de Nicaragua cigars being hand rolled in Managua Intl Airport!
Tags: Nicaragua, Cigars

Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 33: Making Feral Flying Pigs [05:08]
This video was filmed in the Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. In this video, Jonathan Drew narrates us through the process of bunching a Drew Estate Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig. Drew highlights some of the differences that go into producing a cigar like this. Some guys from our group to sample some of the unwrapped pigs.
Tags: Nicaragua, Liga Privada, Drew Estate, Esteli

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