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Bamberg in 60 secs | UNESCO World Heritage [01:07]
Bamberg, a World Heritage Site since 1993, was once as great and as important as Rome. You'll find the four collegiate churches of the Old Town at the four p...

Nicaragua 2012 [09:15]
Ride Nature sent a team of 8 people, including myself, to Nicaragua for a short missions trip. We did the concrete floor for a church in Ojochal, did some skateboard outreach on the streets of San Juan Del Sur, and worked at an orphanage on the Island, Ometepe.

The Beautiful Doors of Granada, Nicaragua [03:36]
Granada is one of the favorite ex-pat destinations in Nicaragua and no tour of Nicaragua is complete without visiting this lovely colonial city. Ex-pats choose to live in Granada because of the large community, services and living accommodations available in the city. The city of Granada sits on Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua), one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Francisco Hernández de Córdoba of Spain founded the city in 1524 and making Granada probably one of the oldest European styled cities in North America. Granada, like the city of León is full of beautiful colonial architecture and one can't help but notice the beauty of the solid, carved, ornate doors that adorn the houses, hotels, restaurants and churches. This video of the doors of Granada is made from a series of photographs I've taken over the last couple of years. Needless to say, I am enchanted and you will be too. The actual video of the images of the doorways of Granada was put together by someone very talented at the Power House Show magazine ( The music is by Andrés Sánchez Vega, a composer and musician from Managua. Mr Vega is a friend of Zepeda Guitars, fine craftsmen of beautiful handmade guitars in Masaya. I have not intended to break any copyright laws by using his music and emailed him to request permission to use his music, this piece called "El Aura." To see more on these lovely guitars and listen to his music, visit You will have the ...
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