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Travel ban rewrite: Should judges parse Trump motives as well as the text?

As the Trump administration readies a revised version of its executive order restricting immigration to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, some of the reported changes in wording could address problems that caused the original order to be blocked by multiple federal courts. Although the full text of the order has not been released, the success of such lawsuits could still hinge on the question of whether statements from Trump and his surrogates during his presidential campaign could be used against him as evidence of an unconstitutional motive, even if the statements came before his election. According to news reports, the administration is working carefully to address some of the more glaring legal holes in its original order.

In deep-red Utah, a GOP bill to study the wage gap

Watching speakers at the Salt Lake City Women?s March, Utah State Senator Jake Anderegg noticed that one frequent topic was equal pay. Senator Anderegg doesn?t deny that situation. ?The disparity of the wage gap was anywhere from 64 cents on the dollar all the way up to 92 cents on the dollar,? he tells The Christian Science Monitor in a phone interview.

After millions sign petitions, British lawmakers debate Trump's state visit

Parliament debated Monday whether or not to rescind a state visit invitation extended to President Trump a week into his presidency, after two competing petitions elevated the issue to the national conversation. The close relationship between the United States and Britain has sent presidents across the Atlantic to meet with Queen Elizabeth II for decades. Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump to the UK during her visit to Washington, DC.

Bouche à Oreille: Michelin mixup makes modest French café a star

Last week, Bouche à Oreille, a café in Bourges, central France, found itself suddenly in possession of a Michelin star. The eatery, which serves hearty dishes of beef bourguignon and lasagna to its clientele of locals, was taken aback by the arrival of swarms of new visitors. Thanks to their identical names, and eerily similar street addresses, the Michelin website had listed the Bourges café on its website by mistake.

One month of Trump: What voters think ? and why that matters

After 30 days in office President Trump has done one thing for sure: He?s polarized American voters more than any US chief executive of the last 30 years. Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents loathe his performance, per approval polls. This is a reminder that most of the people who put Trump in office are content to wait and see how his policies develop.

Sweden responds to Trump's comments with confusion, criticism

Swedes were surprised to hear President Trump suggest on Saturday that a major terror attack had just taken place in their country. You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden," Mr. Trump said, speaking about his travel ban and what he sees as poor refugee policies in Europe, at a campaign-style rally in Florida. Not Swedes, who knew that no terror-related incidents or violent crimes involving refugees or immigrants took place in their country Friday night.

Parks for the people: How the National Park Service is celebrating Presidents? Day

As the nation celebrates Presidents? Day, the National Park Service is taking the opportunity to showcase what the late writer Wallace Stegner once described as America?s best idea: national parks. On Monday, national parks across the country will be open to the public for free. It?s one of 10 fee-free days that celebrate important events such as Veterans? Day and the birthday of the National Park Service.

Canada's Muslims embrace their country ? even when it doesn't embrace back

It was the first-ever awards ceremony reserved for Muslim Canadians, an evening that saw a steady parade of business people, doctors, and community activists take the stage to be recognized for their contribution to society. ?At the same time, it saddens me that this is something Canadian Muslims need to do.

Why some Republicans are opting for conference calls instead of town halls

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are opting out of town hall meetings this week, choosing instead to speak with their constituents in a less direct way. In response to a wave of anti-Trump activism that has resulted in the perceived "hijacking" of such public town hall events by protesters, many Congressional Republicans are ditching the traditional in-person appearance in favor of large conference calls with constituents, with in-person meetings limited to small sit-downs with individuals and community groups. During these conference calls, dubbed "tele-town halls," questions are screened by aides, with no follow-ups, crowd reactions, or visuals. Those who endorse the strategy say it keeps question-and answer-sessions productive by eliminating disruptions from angry demonstrators, and is a necessary measure amid post-inauguration unrest.

Marine Le Pen is latest French politician embroiled in fraud allegations.

A Friday email from the European Union?s anti-fraud group claimed that two of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen?s employees received salaries as European Parliament assistants, positions about which the unit?s probe discovered ?serious irregularities,? according to the email. The latest allegations make Ms. Le Pen the second major presidential contender to face fraud accusations after the French newspaper ?Le Canard enchaîné? published an article stating that Conservative frontrunner François Fillon provided his wife and two of his children with fictitious employment as parliamentary assistants ? positions from which they received income for years.

Why 160,000 protesters in Barcelona want Spain to welcome more refugees

In 2015, Spain?s government made a promise: welcome in more than 17,000 refugees within two years. On Saturday, at least 160,000 protesters at a march in Barcelona said the conservative government is not living up to its pledge. Spaniards and Catalans have a history of being more accepting of migrants than much of the rest of the European Union, perhaps because of their geography, their own histories of emigration and asylum seeking, their experiences with Basque and Islamic-inspired terrorism, or all of the above.

Did the ?dishonest media? really take on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Jackson?

Trump's remarks were made in a Florida airplane hanger following a tumultuous week in which his national security adviser was forced to step down amid allegations that he had communicated inappropriately with the Russian ambassador and then deliberately misled senior White House staff about that conversation. The president took the opportunity to direct the blame away from government officials, and towards members of the mainstream media ? which he says purposefully misleads the public to further an agenda. Recommended: Know your US presidents?

Too soon? What comes of Democratic talk of impeaching Trump

As protesters and some liberal politicians have begun talk of impeaching President Trump, others are rushing to pump the breaks as they consider the perils of pushing an opposition agenda that could further divide the nation along partisan lines. After a brutal election cycle that highlighted the growing rifts between Democrats and Republicans, many hoped that the nation could come together around compromise. Trump proved a polarizing candidate on the campaign trail, and his first foray into the presidency has followed that pattern.

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