Rio Blanco, a Lovely Vacation Stop-over

Rio Blanco is a marvelous town situated in the department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Renowned for its natural treasures, Rio Blanco municipality is home to some 30,000 individuals. Rio Blanco or Blanco River runs through the municipality and its sparkling waters attract nature lovers from around the world. So if you are looking to escape from the busy cities of Nicaragua, make your way to Rio Blanco.

The main attraction in Rio Blanco is the massive Cerro MusĂșn hill which stands proudly beside the town. Cerro MusĂșn is also the name of the nature reserve that encompasses the mountain. This cloud forest is often referred to as the “Navel of Nicaragua”. Filled with adventure, visitors to the reserve will be delighted with all it has to offer. If you are up for some activity whilst surrounded by spectacular scenery, then Cerro MusĂșn is for you. Marvelous hiking trails take you through forests, past waterfalls and to exquisite look-out points. Bubbling springs lead to the main river with its crystal clear waters. Tree identifying enthusiasts will have a wonderful time exploring the lush forest, whilst bird watchers can spot numerous fascinating species. Also keep an eye out for monkeys and anteaters. The main Rio Blanco waterfall is very popular with adventurers. This striking waterfall pours down from the edges of mudstone into beautiful pools, finally cascading into the deep icy pool at the base. Those who are brave may want to jump off the ledge into this deep pool.

Inhabitants of the town of Rio Blanco are very concerned with the welfare of the hill and its natural resources. The population has done much to prevent damage to this precious natural wonder. Visitors to the town should also be very aware of the delicate balance of the Cerra MusĂșn and not in anyway harm this natural phenomenon.

Rio Blanco of Matagalpa is situated just three hours away from Managua. The roadway to this lovely town is wonderfully scenic and makes for a marvelous journey. Hotels in Rio Blanco are inexpensive. Rio Blanco may not be glitzy, but it certainly has much to offer visitors in the way of natural splendor and historical interest.


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Jorge Giraldez Benard - 2009-12-28 21:14:07

There is a great lodge in the area in ALAMIKAMBA can be contacted and a great source of information of the area

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Dr Timothy Britton - 2009-12-26 15:44:41

Finding long term lodging is possible but If you have never visited you might like to do that first before making such an important step.

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June - 2009-12-11 00:27:59

I am thinking of moving to Nicaragua and this town sounds like it would be nice to settle down here. That is if there are any places for long term rent.

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