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Will it affect the investor per se? I do not think so ...Ortega has made promises to businesses and private sector to continue of having a hands off approach to private sector and investments, although, you might be subject to new laws that might come down affecting ( in normal ways) businesses e.g taxes, fees.

Corruption in the part of Ortega is going to continue like it has in the past. He already has taken money that is suppose to go to the Nicaraguan people from countries like Venezuela, Europe and the U.S. This is why a lot of the European have either reduce their contribution or taken it away completely. Ortega has bully his opponents and taken control of piratically every branch of government---Military, police, Legislators, CSE (consejo supremo electoral) voting system and the supreme court. They are all under submission of Ortega. And to add pain to injury he changes the constitution at will. The constitution says that a person cannot after two term in the presidency rung again---well, he went and changed the constitution so he can ran again not only him but he change the constitution so many of his cronies remain in office so they can facilitate his continue corruption. The result is a continue poverty in Nicaragua and the suffering of Nicaraguan people
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