The department of Esteli covers a relatively small area in the northern region of Nicaragua, being approximately just over two thousand square kilometers. The estimated population of two hundred and fifteen thousand are scattered across the six municipalities which includes La Trinidad, San Nicolas, Condega, Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli and San Juan de Limay. Cities, towns and villages in the Esteli department welcome visitors and tourists warmly, as they eagerly share their traditions, culture, talents and natural wonders.

There are many noteworthy sites in the Esteli department and most of its cities have a few attractions worth exploring. In general, the department is known for its lucrative tobacco industry and arts and crafts, but has become more popular with foreign visitors for its archaeological sites, breathtaking waterfalls and dedication to conservation through its nature reserves and national parks. Many nature enthusiasts flock to the region, to enjoy a peaceful adventure of discovering the wildlife and birds of Esteli.

Just outside the city of Esteli, visitors will find ancient petroglyths, and in Pueblo Nuevo, fossils and the skeletal remains of ancient animals have been found. There is dirt road from Esteli to a small town called San Juan de Limay. The landscapes along the way can only be described as magnificent, and the town itself is legendary for the creation of wonderful soapstone statues and works of art. The Esteli department is inspiring and beautiful and visitors to Nicaragua should not miss out on the opportunity to explore this amazing region.


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RuthAnn Wyman - 2010-02-22 08:24:27

I agree with the above comment. I was born & raised there by medical missionary parents, returning to the US in 1968. Have been back several times for visits, and with a youth group from our church in '07 to help with a buidling project at an orphange in Chinandega. We were able to sightsee with friends for about 5 days after working on the orphange, and enjoyed ourselves immensely! Nicaragua has much natural beauty, cultural riches, neat historical sights, and the people so warm and friendly. Tourism would definitely help the country's economy, and they have much to be proud of!!!!

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