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The Miraflor Nature Reserve

Arriving at this unique Reserve, visitors can immerse themselves in the natural habitat brought out by the diverse variety of flora and fauna - you take a deep breath - gently exhaling the crisp, clean air slightly scented by the dense forests. Suddenly you realise this is no ordinary reserve, rather your standing in the middle of Nicaragua’s national wonder, the Miraflor Nature Reserve.

Unlike any other reserves you may have seen or been fortunate enough to visit you will realise that Miraflor, situated about 30 kilometres away from Esteli, Nicaragua is distinctly unique. It is an area shared by man and beast living in relative peace and harmony. Within the grounds you will find nine different communities that are dependant on agriculture and the raising of their cattle necessary to provide for their families. Without the assistance of the local foundations such as the Universidad Centro America (‘UCA”) which have persevered in improving ecological farming in the area, this reserve may have been lost to future generations of Nicaraguans. The UCA has set up several programmes in an effort to help make them more self sufficient through the production of ecological products such as coffee which is the primary product. With this program in place, the UCA Foundation in cooperation with Park officials has established accommodation directly placed on the property of local farmer owner’s property for the occasional use of tourists. If you would like an eco-tourist adventure to the Miraflor areas, then be warned that accommodations are very simple as running water or electricity is not provided to your room. Nonetheless this is may be an idea way for the hearty travellers to experience daily life of the local people within Miraflor while still having the opportunity to savour the magnificent beauty of this Reserve.

The Reserve stretches to just over 200 kilometres squared and incorporates three distinct climates within this limited vicinity: dry, intermediate and humid. The diverse altitude makes the temperatures rise rapidly during the daytime but have been known to drop precipitously by nightfall. Good preparation will guarantee you adventure travellers a comfortable stay.

Miraflor also has an array of outdoor activities such as hiking, treks around the ecological coffee plantations, and casual strolls through scented meadows and crop fields. For the avid bird watcher this is a prime destination as you meander past waterfalls, caves, hills and lagoons. However, those who wish to true Nicaraguan adventure travel can hire guides on horseback to explore the Reserve and making for an enjoyable day trip to visit some of the more inaccessible sites where an extraordinary excursions under the beautiful moonlight and sparkling stars create lasting memories of Nicaragua’s Miraflor Nature Reserve .


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C Hopwood - 2010-05-18 22:23:41

Hi there, It was lovely to read your blog and see how much you enjoyed Miraflor, and great to see you letting other people know about this. I just wanted to point out a small error in the text. I worked in Miraflor developing the eco-tourism that you mention for a while and just wanted to let you know that UCA Miraflor actually stands for Union de Co-operativas Agricolas and is part of the national network of co-operative farmers. It has, indeed been driving a lot of the social and conservation projects that you mention. You can cross check the organisation against a couple of other websites just to make sure- The NEST Trust have more info on UCA and their links. Best wishes and thanks again for letting people know about this unique site, Cora Hopwood

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