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Kayaking and Canoeing on Lake Nicaragua

It's late afternoon and you find yourself effortlessly gliding on still waters - your kayak leaving a trail of ripples in it's wake. Lake Nicaragua - also known as Lake Cocibolca - isn't just the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world, and the second largest in Latin America - it is a kayaking and canoeing paradise.

Connected to the Caribbean Sea through the San Juan River, kayakers have their pick of slicing through 200 kilometers of uncrowded waterways, bracketed by an equal amount of virtually uninhabited jungles. From Lake Nicaragua on the west coast all the way to the Caribbean, paddling this river from the Atlantic coast to the lake offers postcard cutaways of spectacular jungle scenery.

The nearby city of Granada makes kayaking on Lake Nicaragua easily accessible, but it also provides access to an extraordinary group of islets that can be found close to the shore. These islets are locally called "Las Isletas" and they are formed by a group of 365 small islands of volcanic origin. With a grand network of islands, travelers can enjoy unlimited kayaking and canoeing.

Access to lake Nicaragua via the pier of Granada (at the end of La Calzada or El Caimito street) puts you right at the water's edge and in proximity to a variety of vendors who will rent you a kayak, canoe or boat to explore Lake Nicaragua.

Boatrides and mini-cruises also offer perfect day trips and getaways. Many of the islets offer a hotel and restaurant, so you're never far from comfortable amenities, accommodations and cuisine. Check out the hotels link on for more information. Water sports can also be practiced in the lake.

At one time, Lake Nicaragua was inhabited by the now-quite-rare freshwater bullshark. A keen eye may still catch a glimpse of the bullshark's dorsal fin slicing through the water, but there are so many other animals and birds along the shore you'll you're your hands full paddling and watching and enjoying the fact that there is so much space here, you may not see another face for miles.

Over the centuries a long history of individuals - from conquerors to pirates have traveled in and around Lake Nicaragua. History has swallowed up their tales in the surrounding jungle. But you can still create your heroic tales just by being here.


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Mauro Bersani - 2010-10-03 23:03:01

Hi, If you really want to discover the "real isletas de Granada" come to Bahia de Asese, Marina Cocibolca and ask for NicarAgua Dilce, the only 100% ecofriendly Tour Operator in all Central America> You'll enjoy sit on top kayaks and small electric boats...

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