Explore the beauty of Puerto Cabezas

Puerto Cabezas is the department capital of RAAN and is situated on the Atlantic Coast. The city was recently officially renamed Bilwi, but most locals still refer to it as Puerto Cabezas. It is located 560 km northeast of Managua and has quite a sizable population made up of English, Spanish, Miskito and Sumo speaking individuals. While there is a large Miskito presence in the area, the majority of the people from the city of Puerto Cabezas are Spanish speaking. However almost all people from the province speak Miskito and it is this language which dominates the area.

Visitors to Puerto Cabezas (Bilwi) often choose to stay at the local Hotel which offers a variety of rooms at different price ranges to meet whatever demand they receive. Shopping is best done at the two local town markets – San Jeronimo (Masaya Market) and Mercado Municipal (Miskito Market). The Miskito Market is one of the best places to go for fresh vegetables. Much of the local food is made with coconuts, rice, beans and fish and is a treat to the senses. Coconut bread is also used extensively. While many of the vegetables to be found here are imported, most of the fish and other sea creatures are caught fresh from the sea. Though there are many restaurants, most have a similar menu. With a little bit of effort you will quickly be able to find other dining options such as snack bars, pizzerias and fritangas. Prices vary from place to place.

If you visit Puerto Cabezas, you will find yourself just a short walk away from the crystal clear waters and stunning beaches of the Caribbean Sea. During the Semana Santa, the Vocana area becomes home to one big party and is quite enjoyable. During the rest of the year, night-time entertainment comes in the form of four disco clubs that are open almost every day of the week. Tuapi is the location of a popular swimming hole if you are looking for company. You may wish to visit the fascinating and friendly Miskito communities in the area while you are at it. On weekends, most residents flock to the sport stadium where they can watch live baseball games as well as woman’s softball and soccer games.

Why not visit Puerto Cabezas. You may find it to be a real surprise!


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Luz Marina - 2011-11-06 22:14:18

I was born in Puerto Cabeza, I attended Escuela Morava, I left in 1985. I have family in Puerto Cabeza that I miss very much and look forward to see soon.

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Jorge Vasquez - 2011-09-13 22:58:34

I was born in Puerto and attended Insitituo Bartolome Colon. I left in the mid eighties due to the Sandinistas oppression. I have some beutiful memories of Bilwi. As a Miskito indian, I am happy to know that the city's name was change to Bilwi. I am looking forward on going back to visit once the int'l airport is opened.

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Raymond Williams - 2010-09-16 02:21:49

I was educated in the Moravian High School in the City of Puerto Cabezas in the early seventies, the vast majority of educators were educated in the United States and some locals was all so educated in English seminaries hosted by North Americans Citizens and all so from British descendant, of curse we were obligated to study Spanish ( Castellano ) as a second language due to the so call president of the rest of Nicaragua based in the Western area of the country, at that time the Dictator known as Anastacio Somoza. Our lovely Puerto Cabezas had practically the best High School Education in the Northern Province of the so call republic Of Nicaragua.examples of that great achievement was that when the Sandinistas Regime overcome the Somoza Administration the majority of the citizens of Puerto Cabezas had great jobs opportunities in the USA due to their speaking abilities ( skills ) in English which the rest of Spanish speaking people was pretty shorthanded. Make no mistake I am not underestimating the Latinos of all Central America Mexico and South America but we were surely bless with the British Colonization years before to have the great opportunity of learning English and other careers that no President or Government of Nicaragua had granted to our people.

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